Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wet, Wow and Wild @ Nagashima Spaland

ok... as the title of this blog suggests .... Wet, Wow and Wild.

The Tan Tans had a Saturday made up of these 3 elements at Nagashima Spaland. For the first component of "Wet", the Tan Tans went to a blown-up version of Wild Wild Wet (Downtown East). The waterslides there were 3 times higher (you climb up a long flight of stairs and slide down from the 5th storey or so). Darn cool but I would not say the same about having to climb up flight after flight of stairs for the slides. The Tan Tans' legs are still aching as I am posting this entry.

An interesting point to note about this water themepark is that the water used is extracted directly from the sea. Yes, it is seawater pumped up from the surrounding sea and not the newwater that we have in Singapore. haha

From the pics, it's very obvious that the Tan Tans' are enjoying themselves. The tap you see in the photo on the right is actually an eye-washer. (that's cool right!)

I do have to apologise that as much as I would have liked to take more photos inside the park for all to view, (all the gals were in Bikinis!) we did not have the chance to do so. However, you can see more pics of the themepark at their website.

Well, as all of us experience, people usually get hungry after some water activities but there's a saviour for the Tan Tans. That's the senbei samples that could be found throughout the souvenir shop.
you see... a satisfied Mrs Tan Tan walking out after filling her stomach.

There was also a huge shopping arcade beside the themepark. "Jazz Dream" houses all the high-end brands under one roof and what was more outstanding was that all the shops here are factory outlets. (i.e. You get cheaper stuff here than what you get in shopping centers). All Some brands found here include Hugo Boss, Armani, Coach and more and more and more.. Interestingly, Body Shop also has a store here.. hmm...

The Tan Tans also chanced upon this very nice cafe called Cafe Tanaka, where they were treated to a live saxophone performance as they enjoyed a scrumptious meal of hotplate pasta and dessert.
After the short rest, the Tan Tans got themselves Wow-ed. This time round, it was at the Nagashima Onsen. It was a one-of-a-kind experience. At least for me, imagine yourself with tons of naked men in a outdoor park with has easily over 7 different dip pools (frankly speaking, I do not even know how many there were.. it is just a huge onsen park with many different types of pools; from the sea, from underground, from the mountains etc. etc.)

After the refreshing soak. It was time for Wild!

Left: Steel Dragon - One of the best in the world. It's the longest and highest roller coaster ride in asia and the longest roller coaster ride in the world!
(anyway, the Tan Tans are still young and enjoying life and so, we gave this steel dragon a miss)
Right: The Tan Tans' favourite Ferris Wheel. It was like 10-12 storeys high.. Wow!
Left: The Tan Tans having a private moment during their Ferris Wheel ride
Right: A shot of Mrs Tan Tan's must-play ride. The Viking!

This is the Tan Tans' favourite - White Cyclone !!
It was built entirely from wooden beams and its architecture was amazingly beautiful. We had a lot of fun as we zipped through the roller coaster ride while enjoying its beauty.
And to end the night off, the Tan Tans were treated to a fireworks display that was artistically done up.

Anyway, more info can be found in : for anyone that is interested.

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