Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The calm before the typhoon . ..

Well, the Tan Tans had received a typhoon alert. (do not fret as the typhoon will not hit Owase directly but will graze pass us instead) When? Starting early tomorrow for the next 2 days.

And now, we understand clearly the meaning of the phrase "The calm before the typhoon"

.. hmm . . take a look at this, blue skies and the eagles/hawks/falcon/hawkings, whatever they are called are circling and dancing in the skies (but I would say this is the first time I saw such a sight and was actually wondering if they are discussing about evacuation plans. ^_^)

But things will be tough for Mrs Tan Tan as she still have to travel to the schools to teach and one of the school is on a hill. (if only my language skills are better and I can aid her in this)

Anyway, the Tan Tans will update everyone again on the typhoon status (for all we know, it might be similiar to a downpour in Singapore.) However, there are "Armour Doors" for use with the windows here in Owase (to protect the glass from breaking due to the wind and rain) and I do hope that we need not ultilise that.

Oh .. ya.. if any of you still remember the little garden that the Tan Tans started. Remember the little greens that looked something like this?

Well, it had since grown and is currently in this state. (We do believe we can start having our pizza with "fresh" rocket salad next week. .. hee hee)

And the daikon ! Oh, we added spring onions to our collections too!

The holes you see on the daikon is due to the purely organic farming soil and methodology that we use. (i.e. all nature fertilizer and soil). Where we get it from? No. There is no chicken running around that we could use it's stool nor can we use ours. Simple, we bought it off the shelves. .haha

And what about our backyard as you might ask? Well, the Tan Tans had decided to isolate the backyard as the stones ground is not suitable for any gardening and the rate of weeds growing is too much to handle.

So sometime down the road, Mr Tan Tan is going to buy some weed killer to get rid of them. In the meantime, all plants are grown in our trustworthy pots!! hahahah

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