Monday, September 15, 2008

Under the same moon - Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

14th Sept marks Mid-Autumn Festival or the Fifteenth Night (for the Japanese) and it is the first time that the Tan Tans are spending it in Japan. Though we are in different places, the Tan Tans would like to wish everyone a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival under the beautiful moon.

Well, I believe that the Japanese beliefs are quite similar to ours as they also believe that there is a rabbit in the moon and a lady. (You do know who I am referring to right?) The rabbit is believed to make mochi in the moon and as such, the Japanese eat dango on this day.
It was an enjoyable night as the Tan Tans viewed the moon together with their neighbours and their 2 cute kids. And they were singing a cute song about the moon ... but do not ask me what song as I could not really understand.. . ha ha
Well, thanks to the preparation by Mr Tan Tan before departure, The Tan Tans were able to enjoy traditional mooncake on this day and it was great! (I would say I do miss some of the Singapore local delights, esp my Char Kway Teow)
Oh ya... other than the moon cake, the Tan Tans also had these fabulous cakes which they bought from Kuwana earlier (Nagashima Spaland area).

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