Friday, September 5, 2008

Exploration II .

Well, I believe the title gave it away. Yes, it's a sunny day today and great for my exploration. The last time when I went to the Kumano Kodo Center (the earlier blog on the welcome party), it was already closed. Hence, today, with my trustworthy bike (the 2 wheels without engine one, of cos) I cycled all the way to the Kumano Kodo Center.

Oh, anyway, this is going to be a long blog... haha

The smell of cypress welcomed me the moment I stepped in. (if you know how cypress smell ... a bit tough to explain but can only say it smells good). Thereafter, within it was exhibition halls on the history of the trails as well as some interested bits.

One discovery is the closeness between Japanese and Chinese culture. Looking at the photos below will explain what I mean. (I do need to apologies as the photos today are all taken with my handphone and hence, resolutions and such may not be good)

See. This are like so china right? But than again, history puts them under the same forefathers long long time back. Genghis Khan era, if I am not mistaken.

Anyway, another interesting find is how the traditional fireworks are manufactured and being in used even now. (remember the Kumano Fireworks in the earlier blog? I would not be surprised if this family is involved in the making - WOW!)

Pic left - the different fireworks and the ashes formed
Pic right - the "balls of fire" as well as the launcher on the right
The pictures taken below are some of my favourites - miniatures of ancient time.

Its cool right?

One great discovery today is illustrated below:
What it say? Whales can be seen along this area. See the pic on the right. the red dot with the
"尾鷲"words means . . . "OWASE!" - which means that there is a likelihood that we can do whale watching right here in OWASE!!! Time to find out more!
Oh. Earlier we mentioned about Owase being one city with the highest rainfall? The picture below should give a better understanding to what we mean.

Pic left - Average annual rainfall in Japan - 1600mm
Pic right - Average annual rainfall in Owase - 4000mm

And if you put them together and compare? (ok - guess, of the 3 tubes below, which one depict Owase annual rainfall in actual mm reading?)

Bingo! - Rightmost column is Owase (No prize for getting it right)

Thereafter, Mr Tan Tan went to the supermarket to get his lunch and saw something interesting. Kids are being brought around the supermarket and being introduced to the various sections and stuffs. (You know, normally you get this in McDonalds and KFC? here, in supermarket. Maybe NTUC and or Dairy Farm back there want to think about this.. haha)

Below are some of the other photos I took today, just to share with all of you

Oh. And this one belows is a very very old Onsen which is not open when I visited. I wonder if it is still operating though.

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