Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Memory coffee shop

Today, the Tan Tans had an interesting evening. They were invited for tea/coffee by a senior couple met during the Tan Tans' welcome party. It was to this favourite joint of theirs in which was also frequent by the town mayor. The name? - Memory.

The coffee-shop (as they called it) is really small. Only about 4 sitting tables in a row and that's it (per table can only squeeze 4 persons). But it was really cosy and the owner operates the cafe for 25 years already. (She only looks like in her 40's)

It was a simple chatting and exchange session in which the Tan Tans shared the cultural experiences they had in Japan as well as Singapore's lifestyles and culture, of cos, not forgetting the rich food diversity that Singapore owns including the Hainan chicken rice and HongKong noodles which is neither found in Hainan Island nor HongKong. (haha)

The Tan Tans also found out that Singapore is quite well-known in Japan. In such a small town in Japan, they met a couple who been to Singapore 7-8 years back, a lady who spent some time in Singapore during her school days in an exchange program and thereafter, been to Singapore for her honeymoon, Mrs Tan Tan met a guy who had been to Singapore for 10 times! And there was a few others who had transitted through our famous Changi Airport. And we are talking about a small town here that is 3hrs train ride away from the city.

It was a great experience and the Tan Tans really enjoyed meeting people. Exchange of knowledge, interest and culture always delight the Tan Tans and we do hope for more interactions with the locals.

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