Friday, September 19, 2008

Typhoon Sinlaku hits Owase

We learned today that daily life in Japan is highly dependent on weather conditions.

The infamous Typhoon Sinlaku (台風十三号) arrived in Owase last night, and halted the town's activities for the whole of today - school was cancelled, train services were stopped and access to the highway was prevented.

760mm of torrential rainfall was collected over the 18 hours of Sinlaku's brief stay here - that's a lot considering that it equates to about one-fifth of Owase's annual rainfall of 4,000mm.

Sinlaku's destructive effects were felt in certain parts of town, with 30 over houses flooded, and 20 over people displaced and evacuated. Landslides also occured in a few places. And sadly, our crops were destroyed ;-(

Thankfully we live in a relatively safe part of town so the final score was Tan Tans 1; Typhoon Sinlaku 0.

See the huge, dark mass of air at the top of the pics? That is the typhoon.

A video to show the anticlockwise movement of the typhoon.

A few rays of light sneak a peek from the overcast sky.

Our 雨戸 (pronounced as amado) - sliding storm door - at work. Definitely a necessity here. We actually coined our own term for it - armour door.

Alas, calamity befell our poor crops.

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