Friday, September 19, 2008


Today is the typhoon day, to be more exact, it started from yesterday night.

Anyway, Mrs Tan Tan wil tell you all more about the happenings of the typhoon. For me.. the title spells it out. SPIDERS!!!

Since the Tan Tans cannot go out of their home, its house-cleaning time and this eight legged friend just dropped in to say "hi" while Mr Tan Tan is cleaning the cupboard. It is not the small ones that I played with when I'm a child.

Take a look at this photo below;

ok... to give a better gauge, its like the length of a S$1 dollar bill. You can call this a Tarantula. . . or maybe not?

Well, it was quite a fright when it dropped suddenly from the ceiling of the cupboard.

Luckily, there's always the trustworthy "Freeze Spray" and the traditional insecticide spray.

For for this 8 legged guy, the freeze spray (-85 degrees) was alot more effective!

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