Saturday, September 6, 2008

Owase Fish Market - 1st sat of every month

Today is the day that the Tan Tans had been waiting for ! The Owase Itadaki Market! Take a look below! This is a monthly event where a fish market is opened to the public on the first saturday of the month.

Other than "live" seafood, there were a lot of other stuff being sold.

And of cos with such a sale, the Tan Tans began their shopping!

One of the more interesting stalls which the Tan Tans purchased stuff from must be this shop below:

Bascially it says in the label that "one bag for 200yen" i.e. you take one bag and squeeze as much fish as you can and want and pay 200yen for it. And of cos, this tedious task was left to Mrs Tan Tan to execute.

Look at her putting the fishes in, However, the Ojisan beside her was fabulous, look closely and you will be able to see the fishes "fall-in" and packed in his packet.

However, as we can see, Mrs Tan Tan was clearly enjoying the "battle" and soon she adopted a step -by-step guide for all who might want to do this in the future.

Step 1: Put some fish in the bag
Step 2: Squeeze the fish down into the bag
Step 3: Add more fish and repeat step 1 and 2 again.

And the end result? Of cos a bag full of fish but I would say that Mrs Tan Tan would need to practice more in order to be as good as that ojisan or even the obasan before him with all the fish sticking out like joss-sticks.

Anyway, other than food stalls, we were also treated to peformances put up by the locals.

And with purchases, there were also lucky draws in which we eagerly took part in!

Ok, we only got 2 packs of instant noodles for our lucky draw.. the lousiest item on the list.. haizz....

We also took some shots at the port and found a way to save money in the future.

Next time, I will just fish in the port for our meals.... hahaha

So. What have we got today?

Well, of cos it's got to be food. . take a look below:

Fresh Abalone!! Just harvested from the sea this morning..... Sashimi Grade!!

Fresh fish which tasted great!! The clean and fresh taste is something both Tan Tans never tried before! (And it was turned into Belechan fish in the night... YEAH!)

Oh, this is a crab bento that was kindly offered to us by one of the schools' staff we bumped into at the fish market. She is so nice and now the Tan Tans are cracking their brains to see what we can give her...

The buta (pork) on the right is Mr Tan Tan favourite!!! It is sooooOoooOoo nice!

And the outcome.. a nice lunch after a half an hour walk back from the port. We will go to the fish market again next month if we are not travelling out!

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