Sunday, September 7, 2008

Beachbumming @ Mikisato


Today the Tan Tan's went beachbumming at an isolated swimming beach just 3 train stop from Owase. (i.e. about 15mins) and it was great!!

Yes. take a look at the background.

This beach is so clean and the water so clear that the so-called paradise of Phi Phi island (Thailand) pales in comparison. It is the best beach that both Tan Tans ever went to. Look at the pictures below and tell me if you agee with the Tan Tans.

And to add on to the beautiful beach is a hawk or eagle or falcon (whichever) that glides in the skies above it.

And the Tan Tans? Well, we were just relaxing at the beach, having a cool beer and enjoying every moment there.

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Anonymous said...

finally a real reason to visit owase!!