Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The scenic town of Owase

It was calm after the typhoon and the weather was perfect sun for the following few days. Yesterday marks one of Japan's many public holiday. The Autumn Equinox Day and the Tan Tans went on a trip with 2 of their friends they befriended in Owase. The trip, will be shared over the next few blog. Some of the places visited; Taiji Whale Museum,
Sacred site "Kumano sanzan" with a wonderful waterfall as well as to the Nanki Katsuura Hot Spring in Hotel Nakanoshima. So, akan datang and the post will be up soon!!

However, on monday, Mr Tan Tan took his bike and went on yet another exploration trip in this town of Owase. Here are some of the photos to share with all of you.
And ya... Autumn is here and the leaves had started to "change" colours.. . hmmm. . so more photos will be shared with all of you.
The photos below are taken from another part of Owase town that I had just discovered.

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