Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The World Heritage Sites at Nachi

After the Whale Museum and Onsen, we proceeded on to the World Heritage Sites on Mt Nachi - 熊野那智大社 (Kumano Nachi Grand Shrine)and the nearby 那智大滝 (Nachi Great Waterfall).
The Tan Tans actually counted the number of steps they had to climb after happily hopping down. Their count: 132!

Awesome sight which greeted the Tan Tans together with all the negative ions that made us feel really good. (Especially after the onsen).
Oh well, Mr Tan Tan was afraid of getting drenched .... haha

Mr Tan Tan also took the opportunity to pray for good health and happiness and the offering (in the form of a wooden stick) burned brightly.
After the waterfall, the Tan Tans proceeded to the Nachi Grand Shrine with their friends. The Shrine was built in approximately 1590 and is the oldest in the region. Mr Tan Tan also found many similiarities between this shrine and a Chinese temple. There are 2 lion statues guarding the gates and one of the shrines also had dragon and kirin cravings on its roof (but i forgot to take a picture of that... sorry)
Oh ya... this is the year of the Rat and there was a painting of a giant rat there.
Anyway, this area also worships crows and there are tons of crow figurines and pendants for sale. (can you imagine that?)

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