Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sushi – The REAL Thing!!

Alright… I know that it had been some time since I last updated any entries.. well… I did upload some photos on facebook though. ;)

Ok, I will try to update all those entries.

Not to sidetrack anymore, yesterday, the Tan Tans visited this wonderful sushi bar with Caleb, an ALT for the senior high school in Owase. The name - 華ずし (Hana Zushi)

It is one of those traditional sushi bars where the master soaks his hands in cold water before preparing our meals. As all the portions of rice to wasabi to fish have been carefully planned out. All we had to do was to use our hands and dip the fish into the shoyu and put the whole sushi into our mouths.

YES! The traditional Japanese way of eating sushi is using your hands though they did not dictate which hand you should use. There was also no WASABI to add into your shoyu as different fish taste most fabulously with the right amount of wasabi and not an over or under dosage of it. The portion of rice for each fish is also a crucial factor in wonderful tasting sushi.

The range was fabulous and surprisingly, it wasn’t that expensive. Damage per person was approx 1500yen which is about $20 each including the most delicious chawamushi (Japanese Steamed Egg) the Tan Tans have ever tasted.

The Tan Tans were also treated to free sushi by the sushi master and sake by one of the customers. The master made the most wonderful sushi that melts in the mouth using the toro portion from champion of all fishes – KURO-MAGURO (Black Tuna). And now, the Tan Tans have tried the best beef (Kobe Beef) as well as the best fish (THIS!!) in Japan.

IMG_2364 Look closely for the fine interlocking fats running throughout the fish. It melts in the mouth and was the BEST thing I ever tasted.

We will definitely visit this place again before we leave Owase!

Some of the other pictures of the sushi –

IMG_2356the white towel in the background is for you to wipe your hands with. Basically the master will serve as you eat so that you can take your time as the master will add on the sushi to your plate based on how fast you eat

IMG_2359IMG_2360IMG_2355 Other great tasting sushi!

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