Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Hotaru Experience

Hotaru refers to fireflies and it seemed like now is the best time for Hotaru viewing. Being invited by the English conversational classes members to go Hotaru viewing just this tuesday, the Tan Tans could not resist but say “yes” especially since it’s Mrs Tan Tan first time experiencing Hotaru.

IMG_2786 Hotaru no Sato, it’s located in Kumano Shi and less than an hour drive from Owase.

DPP_0016DPP_0017 This was the place where we prepared ourselves for the night to set in. Waiting anxiously for the Hotaru to appear.

DPP_0018 Oh, this is the public toilet that’s available in this little farm area.

Sadly, due to Mr Tan Tan’s Canon G10 inability to shoot well in dark places, there was no fabulous shot of the hundreds of Hotaru flying around that lit up the whole stream and farm. You really have to see it to believe it. Simply beautiful.

That being said. Mr Tan Tan did managed to capture a fair bit of light to show everyone though.IMG_2806 IMG_2808

In Japan, there are 3 types of Hotaru, from the biggest being this one in my palm to the smallest “princess Hotaru”