Thursday, June 18, 2009

Interschool PTA Competition.

Just 2 Sundays back, the Tan Tans were invited to an annual inter-school competition, the twist was that this competition was not meant for the kids but for the teachers and PTA (parents-teacher assistant). And the competition? Only 2 games which were Tug-of-War and 2-Legged Race.

IMG_2082 This is definitely a family.

IMG_2098IMG_2093Warming up exercises before the start of any games etc. which is a must in Japan as well as cooling down exercises after the games.

The Tug-of-War was exciting due to the spontaneous crowd cheering and supporting the participants in the game. And the participants really give it their all.

IMG_2152IMG_2270IMG_2264IMG_2291IMG_2116IMG_2130IMG_2140IMG_2283 They won this match and fell, no one’s complaining though.


The 2 legged race which was very very interesting.


IMG_2154IMG_2155 Score board of the 2 competition.

IMG_2305 And the prize awards consisted of 5kg rice (Champion), detergent (Runner-up) as well as toilet paper and tissue paper etc.

Well, with kids around, definitely there are also some activities for the kids and in Japan, Jyagen is one of the MUST-DO activity.


As well as. . .

IMG_2212IMG_2235 IMG_2243IMG_2231

Free bread for everyone. . . including the Tan Tans are given 2 free breads.

The principals of the schools were also invited to participate and they did it gamely.



Throughout the day, there were all the cute kids that made the whole day even more memorable.