Friday, June 12, 2009

Kyushu & Shikoku Travels – Ferry Ride

From Oita, the Tan Tans had decided to travel to Shikoku by ferry. Mainly because it is cheaper and it would be a new experience for the Tan Tans. It was indeed an experience as the ferry ride was not as expected, there was no allocated seats at all.

IMG_0804Our tickets which cost less than 3000yen each. Its very cheap for the 3 1/2hrs ride to Shikoku.

IMG_0806 Our allocated “seat”. We actually got a small mattress with blanket and a small pillow. Interesting as we expected a chair instead of a sleeping place and thus, everyone was like sleeping and lazing during the ride.

IMG_0808 IMG_0807

Trying out our little cushionbed but it was slightly too small for me though.

IMG_0811 Saying goodbye to Kyushu. .

IMG_0816 IMG_0819

Left: Diamond ferry, which is one of the only ferry servicing this route departing around 1600hrs from Kyushu and arriving at 1930hrs in Shikoku.

Right: The kids looking into the sea. . Mr Tan Tan was wondering what are they looking and looked down too. Jellyfishes, lots and lots of it.

On this trip, the Tan Tans also experienced the warmth of the people in Shikoku. The Tan Tans met this elderly couple who were travelling with their two sons on board this ferry and had a chat with them. After a short conversation, the Tan Tans found out that they were from Ehime prefecture which is famous for its mikan (oranges) production as well as orange juice – POM (derives the name from NIPPON which uses the PON with a twist) in which Mrs Tan Tan told them her love for POM juice. They were overjoyed that their POM juiced were well received and the next thing we knew after returning from this trip back to Owase is 12 x 1 litre of an unique POM juice delivered to us by this nice family. Tell us about kindness. WOW!

As Mrs Tan Tan was feeling seasick, the Tan Tans decided to spend most of their time on the deck for some nice sea breeze and the wonderful sunset. IMG_0844

And with the time on hand, the Tan Tans took some photos with the setting sun.

IMG_0845 IMG_0846

And some stupid photos… hahaha