Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kyushu & Shikoku Travels - 徳島 Tokushima

The Tan Tans’ last stop for Shikoku is Tokushima city which ain’t really famous for anything other than the Awa Odori Matsuri which is held in mid-August. Most of the other attractions are a good 4-5hours bus ride away, with the exception of one place. 鳴門の渦潮 - Naruto Whirlpools! And that's frankly the main purpose of the Tan Tans visit to Shikoku.

The naruto whirlpools are basically tidal whirlpools (whirlpools created due to difference in water level caused by tides) and in this case, opposite current from the Seto Inland and Kii channel along this stretch which is known as Naruto Strait. Due to water level difference of up to 1.5m, the speed of the current in this area is the fastest in Japan and fourth in the world.

IMG_1101 Chanced upon this guy harvesting Naruto's wakame which is famous for its texture.

IMG_1097 A good place to view the current and cheaper than taking the ferry ride.


Look at the whirlpool formed! It can actually goes up to 20m in diameter. And don’t worry about the boat. . non of it capsized while the Tan Tans were there.

IMG_1132 IMG_1134

  • Left:Souvenir shot.
  • Right: An helicopter from one of the newspaper that was flying around and caught everyone’s attention.

With nothing much else to see, the Tan Tans just walked around Tokushima and enjoyed a slower pace of travel.


Though there are nothing much else to see, Tokushima does served some of the best food in Japan.

IMG_1139IMG_1138 IMG_1141 Of all the Ramen the Tan Tans tasted in Japan including Toyko, Kobe, Fukouka, Kumamoto etc. Tokushima Ramen fared the best in taste. Though Mrs Tan Tan had quite a severe diarrhoea thereafter, the Tan Tans could not deduced if it was from this Ramen as Mr Tan Tan was fine.

The Tan Tans also found the BEST IZAKAYA that they ever tried in Japan and returned to the same izakaya for 2 nights in a row even though Mrs Tan Tan had a diarrhoea.


Some of the food that the Tan Tans ordered.. why some? Because the rest ended up in the stomach before shooting….

IMG_1162 Live Roasted Unagi - How you know it is live?


Because he caught it, killed it and cooked it right infront of you which the unagi was still “jumping” while it roasted

IMG_1175 If anyone is going to Tokushima, do visit this place. Its priced decently, near the train station and the food - absolutely tasty.

IMG_1184 With that, the Tan Tans got onto their “chartered” flight and made their way back to Owase via Nagoya.