Monday, September 1, 2008

Of good weather and exploration

Today's weather was great. The sun peeked out of its hiding place at noon and the rain stopped shortly before that. This means ... .. .. .. . EXPLORATION TIME!!!

I got on to my bike (2 wheels without engine) and off I went. The first thing I saw was that the padi field that's just ard the corner was being harvested. It was great to see such a sight as the farmers are finally reaping what they sow. (How I wish I could buy some of the rice from them. Freshly harvested, must taste really good!)

Cycling futher down, I came across my favourite bird -> Eagles! And it is not one or 2 circling round the sky, I'm speaking about more than a dozen of them! And nope, I am not in Jurong Bird Park (or Owase Bird Park, if they have one.. haha). Well, but from the photos, I'm not sure if you can picture that (hee hee .. . don't expect me to get all of them to have a fly-pass right?)
Thereafter, I went to this awesome Kongoji temple, 金剛寺 just beside Owase Jinja. Well, Next sat I will be here for the Hachiman Jinja Festival and should have more pictures to share with all of you in regards to this port where I shot the eagles as well as this temple.
Owase, being a cultural area, have some nice wall mural (if you can call that a mural) along the stretch of road to the port. And for those that are driving into Owase from Nagoya area along Highway 42, you will see the statues (pix on the right) welcoming you to Owase. So . . if any of you want to visit us here in Owase, Japan. Do let us know.

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