Monday, August 18, 2008

A Great Sunday

Sunday was a fulfilling day.

It started with kakigori (japanese ice kacang). It is however, very very different from the Ice Kachang we have in Singapore. The kakigori here has only 2 ingredients (mainly ice and syrup) and pales in comparison to our ice kachang or taiwan snow ice, but however, it has a dstinct taste and the ice they use is rougher than what we have in Singapore. (I believe it is due to the intense heat during summer - ard 35 - 40 degrees in average during mid day - which is why the ice is rougher to prevent it from melting)

Thereafter, we met up with friends (Keita and Winnie) of a friend (Ayumi) whom we made during our last wwoofing trip in Dec 07. Keita is a master log house builder and designed the log-house that the Tan Tans helped to build). We were then brought to a turtle place (NO!! No the turtle turtle house in Geylang! This place teaches about conservation of the sea turtles).

And then, to this old old tree (approx 1,500years old) somewhere in the mountains with a bamboo forest just beside it.

Oh ya.... Guess how old this dog is? (she's winking at you!)

She is actually 14 years old (in doggy years = 14*7 = 98) WOW!

We stopped by the beach along the area and were told the beach stretches 32km. What was even more unique is that the beach is not a sandy beach. It is made of pebbles. Yes. A pebble beach. (Listen to the clip and you will understand what I mean. Oops, think my dad will love this as he took a 8mins clip of the seawaves in Phuket in his last trip, said that he loved the sound.... Dad, listen to this!)

Keita and Winnie were great hosts and we felt fortunate to have gotten to know them. Winnie cooked us an outstanding meal with vegetables freshly plucked from their backyard (tell me about fresh food.) Will definitely invite them to our place once our shipment of Singapore goodies arrive. (Bak Kut Teh and Herbal Chicken!!)

Thereafter we proceeded to the Kumano fireworks. Tell me about a packed Sunday. WOW!

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