Thursday, August 7, 2008

The New Begining in Japan.

Today is our second day in Owase Japan. My apologies for not updating our blog on the first day as both of the Tan Tan's are just too burned out. The first day was tiring for Mr Tan Tan as he took a 6 1/2hrs flight direct to Nagoya airport and spend an hour to reach Nagoya station after making a fool out of myself trying to post my luggage to our home for a year. Mrs Tan Tan on the other hand had few nights of late nights in Tokyo with the other JETs.

Anyway, after the flight, train, car ride, both the Tan Tans were brought to the Owase Board of Education to meet up with the other colleagues and what follows thereafter were beer, sake and the Singapore Sling that Mr Tan Tan bought at the airport. As of all Japanese culture, they love drinking and it was definitely enjoyable drinking with them. It was also at this moment of time that Mr Tan Tan feels that he would really need to study the Japanese language as it was tough to understand what was conversed between us.

Anyway, day 2 was a quick rain day.. Mrs Tan Tan shall elaborate on that. But now, Mr Tan Tan fully understand the meaning of "as unpredictable as the weather".

Well, today, both Tan Tans' "snake" slightly, returning to our new home after lunch to wait for the arrival of Mr Tan Tan's luggage which arrives within the slated time. What follows was nap....zzz...zz..ZZ.z.zz...zz.....

Dinner was great as it was a meal whipped up by Mrs Tan Tan. Fried Udon using the stuffs we got from a local supermarket after a 45mins walk from our home. (local exploration time!!)

Well, there are still some challenges on hand that needs to be overcome and one major challenge will be the segregation and disposal of trash. WOW!!! recycleable, non-recycleable, bottles, can, tins, plastic, glass, whatever and whatever.... you name it, you need to segregate it. . and what made it more challenging is that, you have to wash the cans, bottles, etc. etc. and dried it before you can dispose it off in the different labelled bags. .. . *can you imagine doing that in Singapore??? Believe even the maids refuse to do it*

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DK said...

Wow.... you should write a more detailed post on the segregation and disposal of trash. Sounds challenging. :P