Sunday, August 10, 2008

The longest walk...

I am starting to understand why the Japanese have the longest lifespan in the world. Well, the food is fresh here, be it the fruits, vegetables, meat or any produce. Secondly, the air is fresher than many other places and lastly, they walk... and man, they do walk a lot.

Today, the 2 Tan Tans explored the neighbourhood on foot.
Time left apartment: 1100hrs. Walked, walked, walked, and more walking.
First stop. Lunch place. Time: 1230hrs.
Time resumed walking: 1330hrs. Walked, walked and walked... and walked and... walked...
Time the Tan Tans reached the apartment after exploring and shopping (grocery, household products.... come on, do you think there is a shopping center here? dream on): 1730hrs.

Imagine that. I think the last time I walked such a long distance was during my army days. Even the New Paper BIG Walk that the Tan Tans always participated in pales in comparision. I think I had easily walked the distance I would have spent a year walking in Singapore. And all this... in a day.
And its SUMMER!!! Think we are crazy?

But then again, just to highlight a point and that is there is something here that money cannot buy....
and that is... buses and taxi!!!
We were looking for one and we could not find any. So... what to do... walk lor...
But luckily, something good wrapped up the day. Mrs Tan Tan whipped out a dish of yasai curry and my gosh.... it was fabulous!!. (Mrs Tan Tan. .. if you are reading this, give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done!)

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