Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Grocery Shopping in Owase

From the past 3 weeks here, the Tan Tans have discovered how the locals actually save on grocery shopping.

Ok, for introduction. There are a few places that one can get groceries from.

1. Old neighbourhood shop - similar to those mama shop
2. Supermarkets - like NTUC, Coldstorage. (those that can be found here - Shufu no mise x 3, Pricecut and Jusco)

3. Pluck from your own backyard. (Something that I am going to try soon, after I get rid of all the weeds)

How the system works here.

1. Weekly Sales
a) Every Sunday - Shufu will have a vegetables sale starting from 0900hrs. Items are cheaper by as much as 40% over retail. (Interesting discovery is that the sales of these items are conducted outside the shop and after you step in, you can see the same item selling at non-sale price)

b) Every Tue - Jusco will have a sale. Details can be found on http://www.aeon.jp/jusco/owase/ . To counter this, usually on this day, Pricecut and Shunfu will also have some ongoing sales.

2. Other than that, there are special sales day like the 10th, 20th, 30th of a month and any other special occasion (e.g. the winning of certain olympics matches recently)

But the best option is definitely to plant your own vegetables. This is a little trial of what the Tan Tans is trying. (spot the little greens??) For the big one, need some time to clear the backyard as it is full of weeds!!

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