Friday, August 29, 2008

Daily Sights... hmmm...

You know. Over here we're really at peace with nature and these are some of the sights that I get to see every morning.

The birds chirpping on the cables ... hmm . . maybe not so full of nature as it is quite wired up here.

Just a short 2 mins walk away from our place and you can see this nice padi field as well as other plots of greens which are just so beautiful.
And of cos, views like this too !

However, there is just one unsightly part which the Tan Tans see everyday.. and that is our backyard full of weeds.

So, Mr Tan Tan got his hands dirty with the complimentary tool he got from the very nice Board of Education and this is the end result after half an hour's work.
You see that little botak plot on the top right corner? (by all means, I am not suaning anyone that I know of)

But you might ask ... why only after half an hour of work??

well.... find the answer below. . .
Due to the very very stony and hard surface of this plot of land... the tool had failed on me.. .so sad. .

Well but the Tan Tans will fight on... so.. pls wait for the next episode.

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