Thursday, August 28, 2008

Great Dishes of Owase!!

Ha ha. .. if you are thinking that I am going to show you all the good restaurant and/or local food... too bad, I'm not!
Instead, I am going to share with all of you some of the wonderful dishes that the Tan Tans whipped up at home.
Because it kept raining for the past 4 days i.e. from Sunday till this afternoon that the Tan Tans just didn't want to step out.
And well, also because the Tan Tans had bought so much groceries during the Sunday and Tuesday grocery sales that we might as well cooked for ourselves.

Finally, its because both the Tan Tans love cooking for each other. You know. Something like an "expression of love". hee hee
So, do keep your drooling tap closed to prevent any damages to your comp while viewing.

The first pix below was taken on 24th, the first day after we got all our groceries.
Invented and pending patent by Mrs Tan Tan - Tomato Rice and corn soup! Fresh ingredients for both dishes and trust us, so far in japan, we have yet to come across any sour tomatoes and the corns are so sweet and nice that you can simply junk those you have in Singapore. hahaha. . go on, be envious of us.

The following is the second dish:
Matsusaka Beef Ramen (well, just the soup stock is matsusaka but not the rest) - Anyway, Mr Tan Tan has mastered the art of cooking japanese hard-boiled eggs (you know, the type you get in ramen shop where it is still soft inside) through this trial!
Sometimes I wonder if it's the eggs or my skills.
anyway, if you are wondering, there are stewed daikon and carrots with grilled beef, mushrooms and mini-spring onions topped with fried garlic in the ramen . - I think I can open a ramen stall back in Singapore . .. hee hee

This is yet another creation by Mrs Tan Tan. Wonderful spaghetti and prawn chowder. Well, I can only say that the soup is so wonderful that The Vines' lobster bisque in Singapore pales in comparision. I'm sorry but The Vines is now officially dropped from my list of favorite soup places.
This tastes so good that I will not order any spaghetti outside anymore. What's the point right?


Wenzhen said...

Hey u two are great cooks! the food looks so yummy.. fit for restaurant standard (um looks wise la, cos never taste before T_T)

Care to share your recipe with us sometime?

Erik Tan said...

ok.... pls wait for Tan Tans cooking 101.. coming soon.. hee

Damien said...

"Well, I can only say that the soup is so wonderful that The Vines' lobster bisque in Singapore pales in comparision." Wah so fast por your wife already ah :P heh