Thursday, August 7, 2008

Owase - First Impressions


If I had to choose a song that best describes 尾鷲市 (Owase city) so far, it would be Travis' "Why does it always rain on me".

The rain came and went countless (I really do mean countless) times today, and it was hard to tell when it rain was coming because it was all bright and sunny one moment and raining all of a sudden.

Guess this is only a prelude. Some hard facts: Owase is reputed for having the second highest amount of rainfall in Japan, with an annual rainfall of more than 4000mm (compared to Singapore, at 2370mm).

Although it is called a "city", Owase has a declining population of about 20,000, so would technically be an 田舎 (pronounciation: inaka/country). The whole town has a land area of 193.16km² (about a quarter of Singapore), and a population density of 109 /km² (compared to Singapore's at 6,489/km²).

And this is where we'll be calling home for the next year. So far we've met really nice people, and both of us are looking forward to a year of adventure here :-)

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