Friday, August 15, 2008

Bicycle lessons 101

ok. . before i start writing. I would need to tell everyone that laughing at others is a bad thing to do. . and not knowing how to cycle is not a crime. What is more important is the will and determination to learn.

Ok. Now I start.

Today is day 2 of bicycle lessons 101 for Mrs Tan Tan. Well, I would say, for a beginner, not to bad. At least she can do 2 full oscillation of the paddles after like 1hr of practice for a few lucky stroke.

I admit, cycling seems easy for people that knows (of cos) but for beginner, the feel of the balancing act is not at all easy. But once the feel is here. . you will own the bike (sounds like starwars hor **)

anyway, Kambate !!!

I do believe that Mrs Tan Tan will make it and if any of you have any tips on cycling. Do feel free to drop a note.


Anonymous said...

no tips , just gotta fall down and u'll get the hnag of it.
once u mastered cycling, lets go try in-line skating. now tats hard. haha

leister said...

hey like ur pictures..and the fireworks are fantastic. They should have those here for the NDAY parade man! cycling..look far ahead and just do it. if u feel u're gonna fall, just fall.