Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back to the city

Okay, I have to admit (and I am sure Mr Tan Tan will too) that there are certain perks about living in a city that we miss. The convenience, ease of transportation, and amazing array of food and entertainment choices - to say the least.

Although we enjoy living in Owase, its close proximity to mother nature and walking through the quaint little streets everyday for the past 2 and a half weeks, our weekend in Nagoya (just a little 2 hours away from Owase) proved to be liberating.
My first thoughts when we arrived in downtown Nagoya:
- We're back to civilisation!
- I love Takashimaya and Tokyu Hands (and never as much before)
- I'm underdressed and should have put on some make-up (you see, unless your fashion sense really stands out for all the right and wrong reasons, hardly anyone cares how good you look in an inaka)

Needless to say, we made the most out of our short two-day stay there, soaking in the buzz of the city, shopping, window shopping and more shopping. The best buy? A caricature of ourselves.
(Left) Waiting for Takashimaya to open.
(Right) The famous clock tower.

Some night shots.
Sakanaya-san slicing tuna with a sword-like knife at Yanagibashi Chuo Ichiba (Central morning market).
Of course, no Tan Tans' trip would be complete without the food factor! Some of the famous Nagoya delicacies we indulged in:

Kishimen (Nagoya flat noodles) at Yoshida Kishimen

Left to right: (1)Tenmusu (2) Tofu siew mai (3) Curry Udon (4) Eggplant in aka miso

Left to right: (1) Yummy wings! (2) Miso kashige katsu! (3) Aka miso minced meat on toufu

We had dinner at Wakashachiya. Sounds familiar? That's because they have a branch (their only overseas branch) in Central Mall Singapore! We concluded that the Japanese branch serves a better variety and a meaner version of the wings and curry udon, though.

Toufu ryori! (On far right) Skewered toufu that's grilled and dipped in aka miso dashi.

Aka miso kara nabe (Red miso spicy hotpot).

Left: Matcha Kakigori and red bean mochi
Right: Strawberry shortcake and triple chocolate cake.

Freshly baked bagels - in double pumpkin (left) and sweet potato and black sesame (right)flavours.
And finally, our verdict of the trip: we'll definitely be back to Nagoya again.

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looing at the pics of food - i'm JEALOUS!