Monday, August 11, 2008

Place the Tan Tans will call home for a year

Now, I will go through the place where the Tan Tans will call home for a year. For a start, the so-called 4 rooms duplex is not a double-storey one that the Tan Tan were hoping for. But the place is nice and cosy enough.

Anyway, to introduce the place (Do note that the drawing is not to scale)

We have a nice and open kitchen. So open that once you open the curtain, you will face the one and only swimming pool in Owase City (ok, i just got corrected, there is one more in this Miki area which is also under Owase city, so that makes 2 public swimming pool in this city) that is heavily ulitised by one of the schools located just opposite our place. (So if you wake up to noises made by kids, that's very common).
This is the master bedroom, the only place with a air-con which is to double up as a heater during winter. The master bedroom is linked to the guest room (picture not taken as I have yet to clean up the place.. ha ha ha) and once the sliding door is open, you will have one big room. (Cool concept, anyone who is renovating your place, you can consider adopting this concept)

This is the corridor area as well as the cool bathtub (Though not really using due to budget over water used. . hee hee hee)
That's the kitchen that's linked to the guest room, as well as the view from the doorstep or kitchen from our house.

And this is Owase in general - a town with limited entertainment. But it's pretty cool walking and cycling around town with mountains all around you.

In any case, this is the brief brief introduction to Owase.... will post more in a short while though the Tan Tan will be away to Tsu, capital of the Mie prefecture the next 2 days.


BenBen said...

save the guest rooom for me when i reach k.... hahahaha

Shierly said...

Wow! Nice mountains! Any chance to go hiking yet? This town doesn't seem to have any foreigners :)

Erik Tan said...

well. we did hiking on the first sat on arrival. Took some nice shots too! See the blog on kumano kodo. And well, there is this other ang mo ALT like serina as well as I chance upon an ang moh while shopping. Other than that. nah.