Thursday, August 28, 2008

Singapore Cultural Ambassador

Finally, our shipment of 4 oversized boxes from Singapore arrived yesterday! What's inside other than our piles of clothings and shoes are... foodstuffs and things about Singapore!

And that is because one of our duties here is to spread the Singapore culture to them. Well, minus the la, leh and the lor.. hee

Thus, yesterday, Mrs Tan Tan took 2 hrs to set up a Singapore's corner to showcase the Singapore culture. (you might have spotted our Mr Lee below but no prizes for spotting that. Oh, I have yet to put up the flag yet. Not now.)

Of cos, what is Singapore without our typical type of language and style, hence, we also have with us 881 for cinematic viewing on our 20" TV in our room (hahaha)

And finally, Singapore is a place about food and more food and thus, will be making some bak kut teh and other stuff for our guests once we planned it all out.

However, the Tan Tans were surprised to find out that the Japanese actually read about Singapore in their textbook during schooling. One of the thing that they remembered is Singapore being such a "FINE" city. Wahahahahaha. . . .

Well, we will try to make it better than that of cos. GAMBATE!!

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