Sunday, August 10, 2008

Explanation no. 1 - Garbage Disposal in Owase

Welcome to the 101 guide to disposal of rubbish/garbage in Owase, Japan.

Please take a look at the chart below first;
(chart 1 - segregation of trash) (chart 2 - collection dates and trash type)

Elaboration of chart 1 -
for Type 1 rubbish - all burnable trash including kitchen waste, plastic marked with "others" ( to me, it's any trash I have no idea where it goes to)
Type 2 rubbish - All recyclable - segregated into metals, plastic, glass and paper.
Metal cans (i.e. the one you drink your coke, pepsi with..) needs to be washed clean and dried. Same goes for plastic and glass, however, there is a need to tear away any wrappers and dispose that in the paper trashbags.
All the cans, tins, bottles etc. are then required to be segregated into different trash bags.
Papers - boxes etc need to be cut and compiled into sheets together with other papers and magazines etc.
Bulky refuse needs for disposal teams to be called.
and actually we are still trying to crack the trash code for this... so... most likely will update again.

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cheLE said...

wAhahah... yeAh man! I knoW!!! to dispose of a cUP noodle, u hafta use all 3!!! n super mua huan it's convenient to cook ,good to eat but supER chim to throw...wha haha... enjoY!!!