Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Tan Tans' little Christmas in Owase - Christmas Day

This is the menu for Christmas Day itself at the Tan Tans' Minshuku. Days of celebration for the 2 Tan Tans.

Christmas Menu
i. Curry Puffs - one of the appetitizer.. I know.. it does not really fit into the christmasy mood
ii. Smoked Duck Salad
iii. Slow-baked Tomatoes
iv. Roasted Vegetables Soup
v. Roasted Spiced Ribs
vi. Pomelo favoured baked drumstick
vii. Ice-cream topped with Apple Crumbles, Walnuts and Rasin
viii. A bottle of Red Wine

Left: Slow Baked Tomatoes with the tomatoes cut halfway and baked with garlic slices and rosemary seasoned with balsamic vinegar and olive oil for more than 2 hours under 120 degrees.
Center: Smoked Duck Salad. Smoked duck is bought off the shelve in the supermarket but Mrs Tan Tan had brought the taste to a higher level with the salad combination of apples, walnuts, parsleys, parmesan cheese, oilve oil, honey and rocket salad.
Right: Roasted Vegetables Soup.

Left: Roasted Spiced Ribs. This dish took Mr Tan Tan 3hrs to cook as the ribs need to be cook in a stock of spices including cloves, peppercorn, chilli and others for an hour before reducing the stocks and adding more ingredients including ketchup etc. before it was sent to the oven to be roasted to perfection.
Right: Pomelo Roasted Drumstick. Having the drumstick seasoned in pomelo juice and other herbs, it was then slowly baked to allow the drumstick to absorb the essence and fragrant of the pomelo.

Left: A christmas present from a very nice friend we made in Owase
Right: A satisfied Mrs Tan Tan with the meal.

This is one great creation of Mrs Tan Tan. Apple crumble with walnuts, rasins and fresh apples topped on vanilla ice-cream and sprinked with rum. Oishi!