Friday, December 26, 2008

A different Christmas

10 ways how Christmas celebrations are different in Japan
1) It is not a holiday. Sigh.
2) There are no turkeys. They are not even sold in the supermarts.
3) Instead, lots and lots of chicken, grilled or fried, can be found. We even heard from that people here like to eat KFC during Christmas.
4) Christmas cakes can be found everywhere, from the supermarts to the convenience stores.
5) Sashimi, sushi, tempura and even Chinese food (chili prawns etc) are often served at Christmas parties
6) You can count the number of times you receive a "Merry Christmas" greeting
7) You don't even get Christmas cards. Actually I received one.
8) Christmas songs are sung in Japanese.
9) Gift exchange is highly uncommon. As I have learnt from the kids and adults I work with, most of the presents are given by parents to their children, who double up as Santa Clauses and leave presents by their children's beds while they are asleep on Christmas eve.
10) It is cold, with no central heating at home.

This morning, we received a belated Christmas gift from Santa - it snowed! A rarity in the coastal town of Owase.