Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Tan Tans' Curry Puffs

While normal curry puffs call for all purpose flour to be used in the making of the crust, unless you're in a really big town, you can hardly find this in the local supermarkets in the inaka of Japan.
The only flour we could find was wheat flour, and Japan has it in 2 types.

強力小麦粉 (Strong flour), normally used for breads
薄力小麦粉 (weak flour), normally used for cookies, tempura and cake.
After a few experiments, we decided to use a combination of both to give our curry puffs a crispy yet fluffy texture.

In terms of the filling, the seasoning is key and we used our own curry powder from Singapore.

However, if you are in Japan, you can also use the Indian curry powder found here. Note though, that the curry powder here is usually a lot sweeter and so if you're using it, remember to 1) cut down or leave the sugar out totally from the recipe and 2)add more chili powder.


4-5 tablespoons of oil
Onions (chopped finely)
Potatoes (cooked in water and chopped)
Chicken breast meat (chopped)
3 teaspoons curry powder
Chili powder (to taste. depending on your preference. we usually add 1 teaspoon)
Salt and black pepper

Three quarter cup Strong Flour (強力小麦粉)
One and a half cups Weak Flour (薄力小麦粉)
1 teaspoon salt
5 oz margarine
180 ml - 200ml of water


1. Add oil into a fry pan and fry the onions until it turns a yellowish brown. Take care not to burn the onions.

2. Mix the curry powder and chili powder together with a little bit of water.

3. Pour the mixture into the pan and fry together with the onions until fragrant or till the chili oil is visible. Use small to medium heat.

4. Add the chicken, fry till almost cooked. Add a little bit of water if the mixture is too dry.

5. Then add the potatoes and fry together until the potatoes are soft and the chicken is fully cooked. Add the sugar, about 1 teaspoon, but you can vary it according to your taste.

6. Leave mixture to cool

1. Mix flour with margarine, water, salt, and knead well.

2. Let the dough rest for half an hour.

3. Cut the dough into circles (about 14cm) in diameter.

4. Put the filling into the centre of the skin, then fold the skin into two to make a semicircle and crim tightly at the edges. Be gentle and careful not to break the skin.

5. Deep fry in hot oil until golden (about 5 minutes).