Thursday, December 11, 2008

Collagen Nabe! Tsuru Tsuru skin after that

Well, collagen is supposed to make your skin nice and smooth or so-called *tsuru tsuru. And well, we had an appointment with our friends in Owase for a collagen nabe dinner at this restaurant "Shogun". I would say that Owase is really full of great restaurants.

Well, the standard nabe or hotpot was served with all the vegetables but this collagen nabe had something extra . . a bowl of jelly like substance. (missed out the photo... sorry)

Oh... these are the things you put into the vinegar plus soya sauce dip. The white jelly substance on the bottom left is collagen. One more thing, in Japan, they do not drink the soup with the cooked ingredient. Instead, they dip the cooked ingredients into the above-mentioned mixture and just eat the ingredients.... what happens to the soup? Read on. .

These were the side dishes that our friends ordered .. . .OIIIIIIiiiiiishiiiiiiii!

And the outcome of the soup once we are done with the ingredients?
This is a pot of zousui (or porridge-water through direct translation. . hahaha) The thickly enriched soup stock was used to cook porridge and every grain of rice absorbed the flavour of the stock. Nice? OF COS!!!
And at the end of it... this was the remainder.
Almost nothing left.. wahahaha...
The next day when the Tan Tans woke up... well, they did feel that their skin had become more tsuru tsuru... the power of collagen or a great meal? I do not know...