Thursday, December 11, 2008

Scaling the Peak!!! - Mt Tengura through Magose Toge

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you Mount Tengura! Please observe the rock on the top of the mountain. That is our destination today.

The hike up Magose Toge was alot more enjoyable this time round as well, we are in early winter which means that the weather is a lot cooler compared to our first attempt in Aug which was summer. And all these mean that we did not end up being drenched in sweat.

As usual, we were greeted by the wonderful sights and great beauty of nature along the way. Take a look at the photos below:

And yes, as of all amateur hikers, we needed breaks. Well, in total I believe we took no less than 5 short breaks of 1 minute each and 2 longer breaks of 5-10mins. I believe this is fine for a 2-hour hike.

After close to 2 hours, the Tan Tans finally saw "The Rock" and felt a sense of happiness.

Reaching the peak was heavenly, maybe because we were closer to heaven or maybe we were awed by the sights, or maybe, simply, we were just too relieved to be able to rest our tiring and wobbly legs.

After a nice lunch on the peak and some chilling winds, the Tan Tans decided that it was too early for snowmen and decided to make their way down the mountain. Before that, we had a little time to explore what laid beneath the huge rock.

After "The Rock", it was a more relaxed way down though we only managed to reach the base in an hour's time.

And it was rest time at one of the nicest coffee shop in Owase, built entirely of logs and we LOVE the wooden swing!

The day after, we were so exhausted that we had to skip a planned excursion...