Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Tan Tans' little Christmas in Owase - Christmas Eve

This is the second time that the Tan Tans celebrated Christmas in Japan. Well but there is a twist to this year's celebration. The Tan Tans whipped up a fest in the comfort of Tan Tans' minshuku.

Christmas Eve Menu -
i. Pumpkin Apple Soup
ii. Grilled Salmon
iii. Shepherd's Pie
iv. Baked Drumstick
v. Baked Mushroom
vi. Strawberries & Truffles
vii. A bottle of Champagne

Left: Baked Mushrooms with guidance from Jamie Oliver
Center: The tastiest shepherd pie ever - Courteasy of Gordon Ramsay.
Right: Baked drumstick from our neighbourhood supermarket - Shufu No Mise

Apple-pumpkin soup - great combination of taste and perfect for starting the meal with

The truffles and strawberries ended this great christmas eve dinner with both Tan Tans slightly tipsy from champagne overdose.