Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cooking Lesson - Stressed!

Ok.... this is a post long overdue. This was the Singapore ryori cooking class that the Tan Tans conducted sometime back in Kii-Nagashima. Dishes for that day includes Spicy Bean Sauce Yong Tau Foo, Fu Rong Omelette and Sweet Potato Ginger Soup.

Well, the experience was frankly kind of scary. Imagine a bunch of obasans crowding around you to see how you cook the dishes.

This is what you call stress.
Well, interestingly there were also some Filipinos in the class who could be easily told apart from the Japanese as they are a lot louder.
Overall, the class went quite well other than the fact that the omelette was made into scrambled eggs due to the weak fire.
The Tan Tans can only hope that the Japanese like the dishes. Fingers crossed.