Monday, November 3, 2008

Turning crisis into opportunity

This is a classic example of how a company turned a product recall into a CSR opportunity.

As most of you are aware, Nissin, one of Japan's largest instant noodle makers, recently issued a nationwide recall after a woman grew sick after eating a cup of noodles that was later found to be tainted with an insecticide. According to media reports, the recall covered about 500,000 cups of instant noodles.

Post investigations, Nissin confirmed that the noodles could not have been contaminated its factories. Which means that the cup noodles are safe.

The company then cleverly turned the whole saga into an education opportunity, launching a TVC campaign advising consumers not to store their cup noodles near insecticides, pesticides, so as to prevent contamination. I think it's really great PR at work. Will post the link to the ads once I find them online.

Left: The actual mini Nissin cup
Right: A shrunken cup, compressed by deep sea water pressure. It's a gift from one of the schools, which created this through a science experiment.