Sunday, November 30, 2008

More Autumn Colours!!!

It's autumn and the Tan Tans are in search for more autumn colours when they received an invite from Mr Tan Tan's nihongo sensei. This time, it will be autumn colours viewing in the mountains and out from the touristy areas.

Nice autumn colours reflection.

This is it! The autumn colours are so called because it is really colourful. And this is one truth that the Tan Tans verified. It is not only in shades of red but also yellow, pink, orange and other colours as well. Oh, we have a very very cold Mrs Tan Tan due to the chill in the mountains.

We also visited one of the more popular waterfall in Owase. Do visit for more information

We definitely enjoyed ourselves with the tea and snacks that my sensei prepared for the trip. It was a great experience !