Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Early Autumn in Kyoto!!

The photos above speak for themselves.. Autumn in Kyoto is colourful and beautiful. Covered with colours of yellow, orange, pink,red and sadly, still alot of green, the Tan Tans visited Arashiyama in Kyoto followed by Tenryuji shrine and Nijojo Castle. These are the places that the Tan Tans did not visit on their last trip to Kyoto... basically due to the lack of time (what do you expect? there are one hundred and one shrines or temples in Kyoto and everyone of them are so different and nice.)
Autumn colours are really great and it makes feel sad that Singapore, due to our close proximity to the equator, cannot really enjoy this brightly coloured season of yellow, orange, pink and red. We do enjoy the best in the sense that we do not have any natural disaster and weather is generally fine but then, we are missing out the other wonderful dances of natural. Autumn colours, Spring flowers, white Winter.
So, the Tan Tans are going to make full use of this year in Japan to really experience the beauty of Mother Earth.
Below are the first sights that greeted them in Arashiyama.

Artists at work.

This is the popular bridge in Arashiyama - Togetsukyo - which means something like " bridge crossing over the moon" and since we were "over the moon" upon seeing the pretty autumn colours, we decided to take a shot with it.

Castle walls of Nijojo castle and autumn leaves at its garden. The castle is one of the most interesting castles that the Tan Tans have visited in Japan. The old walls and paintings of the Shogun are intact and carefully preserved (sorry, we couldn't take any shots as the management does not even allow direct sunlight to get into the castle, so as to preserve the paintings and other artefacts. So, no light, no flash = no shots)

Tenryuji shrine in Kyoto. A place where "Zen" is written all over the place. The Zen garden costs more than the shrine to enter (price to enter shrine = 100yen. Price to enter garden = 500yen)

Due to the high price of entering the garden. Mr Tan Tan decided to make the best out of it.