Saturday, November 29, 2008

Kyoto part II

Other than the autumn colours that took our breaths away, the Tan Tans also visited some of the places that they had no time for during their last trip in March last year.
They are
1. Arashiyama - famed for its view and scenery. Must go to the bridge - Togetsukyo (wooden bridge).
2. Tenryujin temple - Near Arayshiyama (why not, since we are there) and it is ranked 1st amongst the 5 Zen great temple in Kyoto
3. Nijo castle - Former Kyoto residence of the shogun. It was quite interesting as it preserved alot of the old paintings on the walls, halls etc. and the floor is built in the past to give a "squeaking" sound whenever anyone walked on it. (In case there are intruders.. tell me about smart ancients)
4. Nishiki Market - Well, we had been there the last time, but gladly went back again to look for our favourite black bean ryori.
5. Gion area - for the dango that Mrs Tan Tan missed.
6. Tenmangu

Nijo Castle - Nice place with interesting preserved paintings and nice garden and castle walls.

Kawaramachi, the famous shopping street in Kyoto where you get Isetan, Takashimaya and LV.

Mrs Tan Tan's favourite dango place in Gion area. The shop has been there for a long long time and it is really good.

The black bean ryori restuarant in Nishiki market. We also found a branch in Gion area.
The popular tamago stalls with the master whipping out the eggs in Nishiki market.

And of cos, no matter where the Tan Tans visit, there is bound to be food.
This is the best dessert that the Tan Tans have had in Japan. Found at the JR Kyoto station near the south exit.

Some of the nice soba and other noodles that we had.

And these are the worst we have ever eaten
Lessons learned .... do not try eat non-traditional japanese food in a traditional place like Kyoto.
Oh... to end it all.. .. a photo with Kyoto Tower. . . (or its reflection)