Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Tan Tans Save Mother Earth!!

The Tan Tans saved Mother Earth!!! By re-forestation on a saturaday morning. (ok, we never really can save the earth by planting 4 trees but well, it was great to be able to do something to help Mother Earth)
This is a reforestation exercise held and close to 180 people turned up for this event. It was a great day and we experienced the so-called aki-bara (autumn sky which is cloudless).

The exercise began with a brief on how to go about removing the weeds and planting the seedings. There were over 300 seedlings which includes plum trees, cypress (of cos, cypress is Owase famous produce) and even sakura trees amongst them.

Briefing of how a cypress seedling looks like.

After getting all geared up, the Tan Tans proceeded to save Mother Earth!

And after we successfully did our part for Mother Earth, we left behind a greeting from Singapore!

Having done such a good deed, we proceed to the oldest shrine in Owase, So-ne where I crawled through a sacred tree for good luck and health!