Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Tan Tans' Minshuku

Alright... the Tan Tans' minshuku has officially received its first guests with the visit of their dear cuz., Michele and her husband Kelvin.
They are here for a 3-night stay and were brought around the little inaka town of Owase as well as to one of the World's Heritage Sites - Kumano Kodo.
Well, as most of the photos were taken with their cameras, I did not have much to load.. hahahaha

One of the best restaurants in Owase, Moriba with their delicious deep fried giant prawns and the not so nice pork salad (wrong choice of dish that I had - sad). Well this is also the restaurant that my cuzzies had their most memorable dish of miso katsu!

The Al Fresco BBQ under the sky without the stars... so sad.... well, there were lots of stars a few days after they left.. so blame it on luck.. hee hee