Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our Secret Garden

Spring has arrived and the Tan Tans has started their secret garden.

P1130208 P1130209

Yellow and Purple Pansy that brighten up our entrance,


Cabbage rose – The real bloom. This is the actual flower of “cabbage rose” that is so popular in Singapore. Guess the flower ain’t that big afterall.


Our pot of salad greens complimentary from the wife of Mrs Tan Tan’s supervisor.

P1130213 P1130214 P1130218

Our new green emerging from the soil including Daikon, Chamomile, Rocket Salad and Basil.

P1130215 P1130216 P1130217

Our genki parsley, flowering spring onion and chives.


Tan Tan’s latest addition of Tulips!! One interesting observation made, Tulips will bloom wide open in the day and closes it petals at night. This is repetitive and is still observed today in its 3 day of bloom.

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