Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ryujin Onsen – Top 3 beauty onsens in Japan

On of the weekends many moons back, the Tan Tans and their Japanese friends made a trip to Ryujin Onsen (translated dragon deity hot spring).

The car ride took 3 hours to reach the onsen and everyone was hoping for some onsen manju. However, we discover that this onsen is purely an onsen, i.e no frills, no onsen manju or onsen tamago. ;(

P1120298P1120299 P1120300 P1120307 P1120310

Mrs Tan Tan reading the map of Ryujin Onsen

P1120315 P1120318

It seems that this ryujin onsen was discovered by Kobo Daishi, who is the same guy who founded Koya-san of Tan Tans’ earlier blog.

P1120322 P1120309

Right: The original onsen

P1120324 P1120326

Coming out of the onsen happily and Mrs Tan Tan and Izumi-san with their tsuru tsuru skin.

P1120330 P1120346P1120334 P1120342

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