Saturday, April 25, 2009

A hike to Tategasaki (盾ヶ崎) & Sone (曽根)

P1140207 P1140063

The Tans Tans were invited to a trip to Tategasaki, but little was known that the Tan Tans had to hike approximately 2 km to reach the place.

These signs demarked the start of our hiking trip last Sunday and well, Mr Tan Tan is not fully prepared for a hike as he was dressed in bermuda and slipper.


Halfway through where we took a break. The water was so clear and nice.


Off we go again.. and the sights at the cliff were great!!



A sneak peek at the cliff and the actual shield cliff that took our breath away.


Look at the cliff!

P1140112 a light house overlooking the vast sea.



As the area is a conservation area, there are also signs that educates visitors on the different kind of trees in the area. The picture above is a unique tree which tree bark resembles the skin of deer.


After the hike in Tategasaki,  we proceed to Sone under the suggestion by Mr Tan Tan because earlier in the week, he saw this poster of a tsutsuji (つつじ – a flower) festival in the train station in Owase. And it led to another 2 hours of hiking.

 P1140275 Fresh plum that we saw along the way!

 P1140214 P1140215

Kawaiiiiiii Japanese kids!

P1140218P1140227 P1140238  The festival which was packed with people and activities though by the time we are there, most of the activities had ceased.

P1140241 This is the Tsutsuji flower that we are there for.

 P1140248   The hike up to the castle ruins in Sone where we caught this interesting sign of a “Watch Out for the Wildboar”


A couple rock on the top of the hill after climbing more than 380 steps. And there after, it’s the castle ruins that greeted us. Well, castle ruins and since it is in ruins, there is really nothing much to see.    ;)

Well, almost nothing other than another awesome scenery!


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