Sunday, April 12, 2009

Going Indian!

Despite the recent Indian Rojak food scare in Singapore, we decided to throw away all inhibitions and try out our first authentic Indian meal in Japan.

The venue: Jahangil, an Indian-Parkistani restaurant in Matsusaka.

Although we were a little skeptical at first, being the first customers on a Saturday night, our doubts were quickly cleared when 3 more tables subsequently came in – two of them which seemed like regulars.

Prices ranged from 1,280 to 1,780 yen (about S$20 - S$27) for a set meal consisting of nann, curry, a meat dish, a drink, dessert and salad (weird for indian cuisine but the Parkistani boss has been in Japan for 11 years. He owns 3 restaurants in Mie). Relatively expensive compared to what we can get in Singapore, but it definitely tasted authentic.

The naan was HUGE, the biggest we’ve ever seen, and Erik managed to satisfy his mutton craving (Japanese mutton dishes are not available in Honshu). Then again, perhaps it was a little too spicy for our Japanese friend, Hiro :)


1,280 yen set consisting of garlic naan, papadom, vegetables marsala, tandoori chicken, yoghurt, mango juice and salad.


1,780 yen set consisting of naan, papadom, mutton curry, skewered mutton, yoghurt, salad, mango drink and ice-cream.


Our friend Hiro downing lots of water with his meal.


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