Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A wonderful long weekend!!!

The Tan Tans had a wonderful long weekend in which they went to a folk dancing gathering (NO, the Tan Tans did not dance), went to Karaoke (yes, Mr Tan Tan tried to sing too) and had a Singapore cooking class rehersal (yup, the Tan Tans will be the sensei and will be teaching a group of obasan how to make some Singaporean dishes).

The 15th anniversary of the Folk Dancing Group in Owase

Karaoke-ing in Japan was a great experience and both the Tan Tans were amazed by the system as well as the variety of songs available. Full list of popular chinese and english songs are available, we even managed to sing "Yellow" from Coldplay...wahahaha..
Pic above: The touchscreen for your song dedication and it also has a game feature for those who can't sing. The remote control on the right is alot larget than the ones you get in Singapore ! (Maybe alot of obasans come to sing too!!)

The typical room set up though we believe those in the city area will have nicer rooms.

Oh .. . anyway, just wanna share this with all of you . . Look at these food prepared by Mrs Tan Tan fit for 4 persons. But in the end, Both the Tan Tans cleaned it up.. . haha
For the singapore cooking class, well, basically Mrs Tan Tan will be the master chef assisted by me and we will be teaching them how to cook bean sauce Yau Tau Foo, sweet potato ginger soup as well as prawn omelette. For this, do wait for the blog by Mrs Tan Tan.