Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Taste Test 01

The Tan Tans love green tea ice-cream. But who makes the best off-the-shelf green tea ice-cream in Japan? They decided to conduct a blind taste experiment.

Experiment 1 - Green Tea Ice Cream
Conducted on: 8 Oct 2008
Premises: Owase, home
Experimentor/ees: Mr and Mrs Tan Tan
Test Subject 01: Premio Green Tea Ice Cream by Glico (pack of 6 cups at approx 320 yen)
Test Subject 02: Haagen Dazs Green Tea Ice Cream(per cup at approx 235 yen)

Methodology: Blind taste test.

Test Result:

Test Subject 01 is sweeter and has a more intense favour of green tea. The green tea is also more fragrant and tastes like the green tea had been fried before processing.

Test Subject 02 has a strong milk presence which complements the green tea taste but that kind of overpowers the green tea taste. The taste of green tea is also not as intense and fragrant as Test Subject 01.

Test Conclusion: Subject 01 (Premio) won the Test! And it's a lot cheaper too!