Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tan Tan Life on 13th June - Morning

Hi Hi,
13th June was the day that the Tan Tan got together... one Tan woke up at 0700hrs to bathe, the other Tan woke up at 0545hrs due to "morning call" by her dad as he thought the make-up artist was coming at 0600hrs. . . hee
The first Tan walked out of his bathroom in his towel and found that his "brother" team had already gathered. George, Elvin, Eric and Kum (who came in later as he sneaks off for breakfast) . .
Anyway, the Tan and his party moved off at 0800hrs with Gabriel using his car 9890 as the bridal vehicle.

Well, the morning fight for the bride ended up with the brothers team losing some of their hair (although though to find any on Elvin..hee hee) as well as the usual food tasting. . after that was the song and dance and I was drenched at the end of it.. the weather is soOoOOo HOT!! or maybe I'm hot..

Well, one Tan's mum is very sad and one Tan's mum is very happy... it is abit contradicting as it seems to be from different ends.... but who can blame.. one Tan's mum look after her Tan for so long to end up "giving it away" wheras, the other Tan's mum "earn one daughter". ha ha..
The dinner for relatives on the first night as what some of you all saw in the clip... was full of actions..
Actually, the actions begins during soleminisation in which both Tan Tan was trying to stop themselves from giggling.. . Even the solemniser, Mr John Ang seems to be affected.. ha ha

That was a great night... of cos, it would be better without the stupid brawl by those friends invited by my dad. (pls refer to video of earlier posting.. hee hee)
The first march in was darn fun... poppers and confetti guns popped everywhere!!! GREAT!! (think George POP the most confetti guns!!)

Anyway, one Tan took everyone by surprise with her 2nd gown... it was really nice, a japanese and chinese combined dress. . cool... all thanks to the dress designer.. Ada of Martini-G !!
and of cos... the loudest yam seng as well as the "tea" ceremony was fun.. or is it "tea"? or should I say hard liquor ceremony.. ha ha

Anyway, more photos and updates will be coming your way soon to a screen near you.. (from Mrs Tan Tan)
From Mr Tan Tan .. Hey, our 3 photographers of that night... Edwin, Tsutomu and Gabriel!!! When ARE YOU SENDING US THE PHOTOS!!!!


DK said...

Looking forward to more photos. :)

Sharpay said...

woa i am in that picture...........