Sunday, June 1, 2008

Now I'm getting to understand why people say Marriage is Once in a Lifetime!

Now.. I finally understand the statement.. the statement as to why people always comment that marriage is for once in a lifetime. Really, the amount of work involved in this is tremendous and the management of 2 families expectations is not easy.. . I really mean it. . WOW!.

This is the result when everyone with different opinons starts to give their views and as of all human beings, ALWAYS believes that they are always right. This is the same for everyone and now, Serina and I will be the sandwich in between, awaiting the diners to gobble us into their stomachs.. !!

How I wish we are back to our WWOOFING days when there were no such headaches. No Work Stress and disturbance, No family pressure, Live Life As we Love it. .

Just look at these 2

Tan Tans in the photo... don't they look good?

Speaking about WWOOFing. it is really an experience which everyone should try. .. Work, Eat and Live with locals overseas and experience a real cultural exchange.. that must be the coolest programme on earth.. However, be warned that it is not going to be an easy task....

Well, for those that are interested. Do visit

And back to today... I got almost all I needed from Ikea today and moved the darn heavy chest of drawers back. . Had an injured wrist and am still on medication for my flu but time is running short.. so no choice. Had to do it. . There are still so many things to clear and confirm and the wedding is only 2 weeks away.. .

Not an easy task for the 2 TAN TANs to get together but we know that it will all be worth it when the 2 TAN TANs get together..


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